Saturday, January 1, 2011


good day bloggers! i have now officially written my blog from three different countries. usa, belgium, and today austria! we finally left around 6:30 this morning and i took two dramamine and was out cold sleeping most of the way here. the drive was only about 7 hours because nobody was on the roads...partied too hard to wake up and drive in the morning maybe? so we arrived at our quaint hotel and then went to rent our ski equipment. apparently i got lucky and have some brand new boots and nice skis..nice! so tomorrow will hopefully not be so bad..wish me luck with the falling, or better yet wish me luck not to fall! but seriously its really beautiful here. when we were driving in i thought to myself that its like..utah and the black hills combined, only better. i also bought a new hat today, its pretty cool. i'm sure you'll see it in pictures later. i don't know why i'm so proud of my hat, but i like it. anyways, i'm very happy the hotel has wifi, although it won't connect in my room so i have to sit in the lobby. now i better go get ready for dinner. i'm very lucky to be here! i genuinely feel special. hmmm. hope your first day of 2011 is fabulous! thanks for reading :)

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