Sunday, January 30, 2011


hi all! day 165...saturday january 29, 2011. thats so weird..first of all, 2011-crazy. secondly, almost february!? that just can't be possible! but indeed it is a fact, its the end of january 2011. so i will tell you what i did on this lovely day in belgium, i hope thats what you're here to read about. after breakfast i took a shower, but things like that aren't really important i guess. whats important is that after host mom took me to antwerp! it was great, a whole part of antwerp that i haven't seen yet. i can't begin to describe how much i love antwerp..and i love it even more after today! normally i just take the train, grab a starbucks at the station, then walk the main shopping streets with my friends. but today we went by car and walked around all the cute side streets. lots of boutiques and vintage shops. the town just bleeds with culture, its incredible. the old buildings with their amazing architecture, shops you would never even dream of seeing in america, and an atmosphere that i haven't felt anywhere else yet in belgium. a couple noteworthy things (or things i remembered take a picture of) is a crazy wood building that you cant see very well because it was dark...and the smallest bakery in antwerp! we got some cookies there, and they were really good! the worker lady said i could come back any time and take pictures, but i better do it in the morning when theres actually stuff to take pictures of!

i bought a couple things while we were there too. i dont know if thats something i should take a picture of or not, but i did. it felt like a good idea at the time.

i'm actually a little sad i left my big camera at home. i see people with their canon rebel's and want to say...hey, i have one like that with a giant lens and flash, but i forgot it at home! i could do a lot of fun things with that camera here in belgium. i hope if my mom comes to visit that she can bring it and i can have it for a couple months. i always forget to take pictures with my little one, and i just feel like i'm not taking enough good pictures. whatever, enough about my thoughts now. we got home and ate dinner...and after dinner my host brother and i made some american cookies! peanut butter blossoms, to be exact. like the kind at christmas! we're trying to use up things from my american food stash. i think tomorrow i'm making ramen noodle salad too! haha. well that's about all for today. thanks for reading!

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