Friday, January 21, 2011


i'm going to blog tomorrow. thanks for checking though! ok..well its no longer tomorrow, its actually the day after tomorrow. but here i am and i'm going to tell you about my thursday! i slept in and then went to my dutch school to sign up for the 3rd level. 65 euros later and they gave me my new schedule that has me in a sort of tizzy now, because my lesson times are different. normally that wouldnt be a big deal, but going to two schools makes everything a little complicated. instead of every morning mon-thurs, i now go monday morning, tuesday afternoon, wednesday morning, thursday not at all and friday morning. now i have to switch some lessons at my other school which is a bit awkward because i lucked out before and missed almost all the french, science, singing and so. i shall figure it out on monday i hope! i just dont know what options i have i guess. i can take classes with the 13-14 year olds, but something about being 19 in a class with instruments and younger kids just rubs me wrong. i can take some classes with the more technical directions, but i've heard they arent so friendly. (yes, im referring to the klinkstraat). i can also just sit in the library a lot too but i think i need to find some other options. i could maybe even find a third school or some kind of lessons to follow one day a week maybe. we shall see, it will be fine. luckily im already graduated at home so i dont need to worry! thursday night my host parents, manuella, and i went to a concert. it was a portuguese singer who sings "fado" music. it is sort of a type of music that sounds like it has a lot of emotion in it, but then the second half of the concert the sang some songs in english too so that was neat! i think manuella really liked it because she can understand portuguese. i just liked it in general, but i think listening to actual music just makes me feel better. its sort of relaxing. i also found myself giggling because thought it my head that i felt like i should be eating chips and salsa at guadalajaras or chevys in sioux falls. hahaha. so that was my thursday, and i'm sorry it took so long for me to tell you that!

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