Sunday, January 30, 2011


good morning/afternoon/evening reader! lovely lazy sunday in belgium. well, it wasn't that lazy, but its become sort of a habit to say lazy sunday. i woke up a little later than normal this morning, i guess i slept pretty heavily last night..or i feel like i did. one of those nights where you blink and its morning. hmmm so about today. i'm finding it harder and harder to remember what i've accomplished in the day. either im doing so much i cant think of it or i'm just not thinking so hard about everything i do. both? i went to the small grocery store on the corner a couple blocks away with my host mom this morning. there i got everything i thought i needed to make my ramen/cabbage salad. turns out we didnt have the right oil and some fresher almonds, so i walked with my host sister (who is now home from france, cool right?!) to a turkish store that is open on sundays and we got some. i watched american idol on my computer at some point today as well. dinner tonight was this thing/process called "raclette" which is like a more personal version of fondue. here's a pic from google images so you get the idea..a bunch of different types of grills for it. maybe i should bring one home, haha not enough room in the suitcases...already have a waffle machine which is awesome!

sorry i didn't take a real picture. camera was in my bedroom and i had no energy to go and get it gets annoying always taking pictures of things. especially food. haha. i did this one other time at my rotary counselor's house..its super fun! you can melt your own cheese in a little pan and eat it with a bunch of meat and vegetables and stuff. blogs like this make me wonder why i would ever even consider a career outside of the food industry, ya think? haha i guess that's all i have for today. besides the fact that i had 4 cups of coffee and have no interest in going to bed...great. goodnight!

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