Friday, January 28, 2011


oh reader, how can i possibly express how bad i feel for ditching you yesterday...i felt extremely bad looking at all my page views today, seeing all the numbers go up...and all you got to read were a couple sentences saying how tired i was, haha! so i promise to try and commit better to my blog, because i find it an extremely important component of my well being. well maybe thats a little extreme, but i enjoy it and don't like letting people down..especially myself. so here we go, about my friday. yesterday (yeah, yesterday was friday..its all confusing, especially if you read this a couple days later or something) was a weird day because it was my first friday WITH language class in the morning thus NOT going all day to real school. i loved it! i had dutch in the morning, which first of all i must say i like the morning class because it starts at 9:15, and if you get there anytime before 9:30 you're thats always nice. then i ate lunch with a couple girls from my class. they decided it was a good idea to try a new place, not the normal tea house or sandwich shop, okay fine with me..some place with lots of gelato and hot chocolate i guess. lately we've been staying in school a lot to eat our packed lunches but somedays we go out and you either buy something or just drink something with your lunch that you have...i find this method the most practical, because buying your lunch every day is a bit excessive. but little did i know the meaning of excessive would soon get a new meaning. three words: italian hot chocolate. have you ever had it!? if not, you should try it. add that to your bucket list: have an italian hot chocolate. thats a pretty practical goal. you don't even have to go to italy to do it. although that would be nice. but anyways! its like warm chocolate at first it was super super good, then it was way to heavy and too much and i would be surprised if i finished half of it. lesson well learned...drink water. the last lesson of the day was choir instead of geography for some reason! guess what, i actually sang in choir..yay! and guess what else..I HAVE A SOLO! actually its a speaking solo, got ya on that one didn't i? there's randomly one sentence i have to say while everyone is humming..but i feel pretty cool and awkward about it at the same time. of course i only got chosen to do it because i speak english, and its in english. seems to be that everything is in english in this world. after school i went with two exchange students that also go to my school to a movie. we saw the 3rd chronicals of narnia movie and it was such a disappointment! the first one was SUPER GOOD, the second..pretty good, and this one..what a let down! i still have hope if there is another though. last night i actually spent an hour or more learning how to KNIT with my host was great! i might even try to make a scarf. im not very good at being consistent, but with practice and patience i think i could actually make something. its surprising how much interest i have in it, actually. i took sewing class and made a couple quilts while back home in the USA, but that was a few years ago and i haven't had much interest since i quit while making my 3rd quilt. knitting is a hobby i've always wanted to learn, and maybe this is my chance eh? seize the day seize the day... thats all for yesterday!

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