Wednesday, January 12, 2011


hi world! and by world i mean world, because there are really people all over the world reading my blog..crazy. so first of all, thank you for reading. and secondly, thank you for listening. i don't think i could have made it this far without having a blog. saying how i feel and sharing what i've done keeps me leveled, or something. this morning i had a test in dutch class, and i am very thankful i woke up early to study for it while eating breakfast! ever since we got a new teacher we learn almost nothing in class, so without looking over the book and my notes i think the test would have been even more impossible...which is a lot different than with our old teacher, where everything came so naturally because she was just that good. but life goes on, and with any luck i will pass my exam next week and move on to the third level with another teacher. i should probably study a little for my exam, but with all the dutch i will maybe be speaking with my second family it looks like it should come fast. haha no just kidding, but we definitely speak a lot (too much, but i like it) english in my first house. even if we try and say okay, today is always fails after ten minutes. the belgian people have an incredible adaptation to languages, which is to my advantage is so many ways..until it comes to school! anyways, since it was wednesday school was done after lunch so thus proceeded to come home and eat sandwiches with chocolate on them. its actually really weird. i've mentioned sandwiches before, but i will say it america we would consider it a hot dog bun. and the chocolate, i'm not referring to nutella, i mean like..a thin chocolate bar kind of chocolate. it has to be the tastiest thing to put on a sandwich since peanut butter and jelly! after that i went to the store with my host mom to get things to make food for tonight. i made white chili this afternoon and i think everyone liked it, which was nice. it was nice to have all three sets of host parents all together, kind of a nice transition. they are all so nice and friendly, its wonderful actually. i'm scared to move but that is normal, and especially after tonight i know it will all work out. the only thing i think i'm nervous about is all the self esteem is not so high with that! but i must keep trying and practicing, then i'm sure the confidence will come. well i'm not sure if i've said everything but i'm super tired and need to get to sleep. so again thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and thank you for caring. ;) goodnight

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