Monday, January 24, 2011


hi everyone! hope you enjoyed the french fries blog..i really enjoyed the comments, its always nice to have words of encouragement and things to make me keep blogging and such. (so, thanks hodges! and other random fries commenters). so about today! stared level three of dutch today, its crazy! the teacher is a lot better, oh wow. but she talks really fast and uses big words, which will take some getting used to. i think we will move at a lot faster rate and probably get a lot more homework, but being at a half way point in my time here, i'm okay with that. i think now is when i start realizing that i will never get to do this again in my life. when am i ever going to learn dutch again, eh? (not to mention when am i ever going to actually USE this crazy language again, but let's not get negative now). after that i ate my lunch with my class in a music room. you wouldn't believe this, but i actually enjoy my sandwich/bread lunch every day now. change of bread or packed with love, but actually i even eat it in the morning too sometimes, can you believe that!? maybe its because i'm always in a hurry in the mornings now, because i shower in the mornings and blow dry my hair, which adds a lot more time that necessary to my mornings. i could go on forever comparing morning and night showers, but i wont. speaking of going on forever (or really, not)...but today in english class the teacher first of all gave me the only 10/10 in the class for acting out this play and speaking well, but secondly at the end of the class she was like...okay, now there is fifteen minutes left and jamie is going to tell us about american politics. get real, teacher! seriously, is she picking on me or does she really care?! of course i had to read out loud AGAIN today, this marks the like..5th week in a row. i would normally take this as a compliment except i catch her looking at me strangely sometimes and the tone in her voice when she asks me is a little snippy. but like i've always said, i don't let it get to me..but its awfully entertaining. i proceeded to tell the class i'm a registered democrat, and explained the whole Obama hype that everyone is so poorly educated on here. that was about it for school! after school i came home and chilled out for a while, ate dinner, then went with my third host mom to a cupcake class! it was so cool..we used fondant and cookie cutters and such and decorated cupcakes. i really really enjoyed it. i love hands-on creative things..cupcakes, cookies, tetris, texting, those sort of things ;). but seriously it was super fun and really nice of her to take me, so here are some pictures..up close ones of my favorites!

well thanks for reading, catch ya'll tomorrow!


  1. My favorite is the Yellow Flowers cupcake

  2. Hallo Jamie, De cupcakes zijn heel mooi geworden. Wat een rommeltje op de tafel. Goed dat we dat niet zelf moesten opruimen.
    Ik heb er al enkele opgegeten, ze zijn lekker. Tot de volgende keer hé. Dan gaan we naar juweeltjes van Victoria kijken. groetjes Inge