Saturday, January 8, 2011


long driving day today! but finally back in belgium now, so that's good. i don't remember a whole lot about today because i took a lot of dramamine so i wouldn't get carsick. i think it shuts off part of my brain, because i slept the entire way home and was extremely clumsy when we finally arrived. i believe my host family referred to me as "a zombie" hahah. i'd believe it! i can tell you that there was more traffic than on the way here, but not that bad i guess. what i remember from the car ride was getting lost in switzerland, zurich maybe. then eating lunch at one of those big european gas stations/rest stops in france. i had a sandwich and a chocolate muffin, because i know you were wondering..or maybe not! oh was almost 60 degrees fahrenheit in france while we were eating lunch..thats so crazy! according to my computer it was 1 degree in brookings today..and 50 degrees in turnhout. i find that interesting! as we were just getting to the belgian border it started raining..go figure right? a lot of the snow is melted though which makes me happy and sad. the snow is so beautiful here, but when its melted it means that it's warmer and i guess i'm okay with that too. maybe it will start to be more of a normal belgian winter, since all the snow that was here was really not normal! and apparently the snow in austria is normally a lot higher. global climate change, anyone? so eventually we got home (or more like.."home", because technically this isn't home i guess), unloaded, unpacked, started on laundry, and ate french fries. weird to think that this is my last saturday with my first host family! when should i start packing? nervous, exciting, and all those other feelings combined. wednesday i get together with all three of my host families for dinner..just to get a little more comfortable and tell them things about me such as my horrible carsickness, cereal for breakfast, and occasional discomfort around large animals. i'm going to make chili...white or red? haha well i guess thats about all i have to say about today. i'm a little sad i have to start school again on monday. it seems like school can either bring me up or down, depending on the day. its very mundane but the people are nice. thank goodness i have some english books to read..yesssss. well goodnight, thanks for reading, and i hope you enjoyed all my rambling tonight :)

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  1. Jamie,

    Mike & I got MARRIED on this day! In MEXICO! Can you believe it?

    Anyway, I've been following your blog and loving it. Looks like you're experiencing so much! I read it and think, "I wish I would've done something like that after high school," but then I realize I NEVER would have been brave enough to actually do it. You go, girl!

    We're about to have a home wedding reception in Sioux Falls on 2/19 and I really hope both your parents will be there and take lots of pictures and share them with you! It should be a good time with all the crazy drummers we hang out with. There's been a lot of pics of the wedding & the trip posted on facebook. If you're bored (as you seem to be regularly, judging by your posts :) ) creep my page and check out the pics - it was super fun!

    Anyway, not to be THAT girl that's like "Oh my wedding! blah blah blah" but it was an experience in another country and so I make connections to some of your observations that way.

    I hope my ramblings are making sense at this point, as I'm pretty tired and took half an Ambien a little bit ago. I'm glad things are going well for you over there and look forward to seeing you back Stateside soon!

    Cara (Christensen) Uken!!