Monday, January 31, 2011


day 167..last day of january! it doesn't feel like january should be over yet..i don't know if i'm only saying that because january is sale month at the shops in belgium or because time is actually going fast. one of the two. no no just kidding, but the beginning of january seems like it was forever ago yet also feels like yesterday at the same time. i think everybody can relate to this feeling somehow. moving on to today! this morning i had dutch class..i'm finding it easier and easier and its all thanks to my family helping me so much with my dutch. what a skill i will have at the end of this year! after getting a D+ with senora something or other at BHS, i never thought i would be the type to learn a language..but look at me now, its all just great. but in dutch class it turns out my schedule once again has changed, and now i have class only in the mornings again which is easier for everybody. that way i can keep a somewhat normal school schedule and the rest of the class can do their normal adult things like jobs, immigration classes, and getting their kids from school. or at least that was the logic they told us this morning. makes sense to me. watched some people from my class practice singing while i ate my lunch. and for the record, i'm not sick of bread yet. its something close to a miracle. i'll try to take a picture someday. like i said before, i'm sorry i suck at taking pictures of things..i will work on that in the month of february! today i had english class, and i forgot to bring my papers for it. oops, not like i actually need to be taking english class anyways. luckily i didn't have to read out loud, but we did talk about american fact, the whole lesson was about american politics. they have absolutely no idea what they're talking about, but i sat and smiled anyways. again i find it ironic that they're studying things such as macbeth and american politics when they cant say the past tense of swim or pronounce the 'th' in "thank you". i guess that's just english class in belgium for ya! actually, i've been told by multiple people on multiple occasions that i shouldn't assume what happens in my school and my classes is normal for belgium. the school gives me the heebie jeebies sometimes. i could now expand on all the negative aspects but i wont. if you cant say anything nice don't say anything at all. i wish i could live by that. i've probably contradicted that quote multiple times just in this post alone, but thats ok. in my last class we played a song where you use your hands and feet and things to make rhythms by clapping and stuff. reminds me of one song my dad always used at music camp! on that note, i must mention that its a very new feeling for me to be following music here at school and nobody knowing that i come from a "musical family" at home, or what have you. i've always had some baggage and expectations because of who i am, but here i dont...its both refreshing and confusing for me. tonight i made fried rice with the leftovers from yesterday. it was pretty good, i suppose. after dinner i went with my host sister to a movie! we saw "the tourist" which wasn't bad but also wasn't as amazing as i had anticipated. it was nice to go to a movie though..we even got popcorn! :) so i guess that's all i have for today. i have had a pretty bad headache the whole afternoon and tonight too, so i'm going to go to sleep and hope it gets better! goodnight and thanks for reading!!!


  1. Hi Jamie, I found your blog looking for information on schools in Belgium. I am italian and I would like to spend a year in Belgium too.
    I would actually like to know what you don't like about school, even if it might just be about your school. So I can make a decision on IF I should really spend 1 year there.
    Anyway. Do you know if your school has a website? Could you share it if it does?
    Thank you

  2. Jamie,
    I think the word you were looking for is whora..and yes your are welcome. :)

  3. Marilena-question answered in day 168's post :) Thanks for the question!
    This is my school...