Wednesday, January 19, 2011


day 155 and I PASSED MY EXAM! goody i can move on to level three, which is actually level 2.1, but they call it level three..its weird. i'm done with 1.1 and 1.2, i think it has something to do with the names of the books. so this morning i got to wake up a little later because my speaking exam was later in the morning. i was home alone, and took a shower...must have been a little too warm because when i opened the bathroom door the smoke alarm in the hallway went off, and i giggled to myself for quite a while. that always used to happen to me in the USA, and i'm guessing the smoke alarm is still not fixed from when i hit it multiple times with a shampoo bottle. (i'd bet money that my mom is going to look upstairs now). sometimes you just have to laugh at life. i always love starting my day by laughing at myself. it usually ends up being a good day after that. this theory can also work in reverse though...if i wake up and drop something, stub my toe or something, then usually my whole day is the same. i definitely have to find a balance between the two! so during my speaking exam the teacher told me that she notices that i live with a belgian family, because i learn and speak faster than everyone else and so does the other exchange student in the class, manuella. neato! that was good for my confidence, haha. hmm. after the exam i came home (home? politically correct? odd) and ate a panini then met manuella and brendan from canada to go to the mall! we caught the bus just on time and less than an hour later we were at the mall. shopping centers are so commercial, it annoyed me a little today. but the worst part about january is that almost everything at almost every store is on sale..its HORRIBLE! it makes me want to go in every store and just see what i could possibly need. its not spending money thats so bad, although thats not good either, but its having room to bring these things home. so i only bought like...a dress, scarf, hat, and dress. no big deal right? we'll figure that out when the time comes. it was a nice day. my canadian friend is all about being spontaneous, so we decided to get ice cream at a gas station right as we got off the bus. i actually used to hate strawberry ice cream, and was never so fond of white chocolate..but i got a strawberry and white chocolate ice cream bar anyways. i ended up throwing like 1/3 of it away though. no time to eat, must shop.
beautiful picture, i know..hahaha. but other than that nothing much happened today. i could tell you what i remember from my dutch test scores but i will just say that i got a perfect score for reading and a not so perfect score for listening. give and take, eh. ya win some ya lose some. well now im really tired so i'm going to bed. thats usually the case after blogging...bed. so thanks a ton for reading, sometimes i feel like my blog will always keep me going this year. i love blogging, i could do it for the rest of my life. hey theres an idea...anybody want to pay for me to travel around the world and blog about it? didn't think so. night world!

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