Monday, January 10, 2011


good evening readers. day 146 and its my last monday with the first host family, odd. school again today.. not used to that at all! i've had almost a month free or with not much school so that was a reality check. bought a couple things after school because january is the month of sales in belgium, its neat but sort of chaotic and junky at the same time. hmm what else is there. had worstenbrood for dinner because its some special day where they only eat that, i have no idea how to explain it and every time i try to google it, its in too complicated of dutch for me to understand. any belgian readers care to explain it in a comment? haha, well. tomorrow is tuesday. lets hope i don't catch all the sickness thats going around school... :S goodnight.

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  1. Lost Monday is a Flemish tradition held on the Monday following Three Wise Men Day (6th of January). This tradition is especially prevalent in the province of Antwerp and has remained in Doornik.
    In Flanders (especially Antwerp) It is tradition to eat sauceage bread and apple balls on this day. Previously the workers in the harbour from Antwerp received their pay cheques on Sundays. Some of this men then went to a bar, and the money which remained was given to their wives. But on Three Wise Men Day, everybody celebrated their entire pay cheques away with no remaining money the following Monday. Therefore, to ensure they didn't have an empty belly, the men foraged around the bars and butchers to ensure they had something to eat. The butchers then made sauceage bread which were quite cheap, yummy and filling and gave these to the workers. These days were always a day run at a loss for the butchers and was a day of lost work hence a Lost Monday.