Friday, January 7, 2011


day 142 and i'm still in stuff. not much to say about today i guess. i skied down a giant hill a couple of times this morning then gave up till lunch time. i can't seep to push myself enough to make it actually fun, its kind of a problem. i think i make everyone feel bad when i don't ski, because they think i'm not enjoying myself. but truthfully, i'm totally enjoying myself whether i'm skiing or not!! to me, a vacation is a time of relaxing and i guess skiing is more of a sport and as with all sports you can't really enjoy it and let go until you're comfortable with it and that seems to wear on my patience haha. so thus, i probably enjoy myself more when i'm not skiing too much but i am trying, trust me! i love it here, please believe me when i say that okay reader? i didn't have anything for lunch because i felt bad for putting everybody in a weird situation by stopping early. but after lunch i went sledding down the steepest scariest sledding path of my life! it was so crazy..i kept falling because it was so fast and when i tried to stop with my feet snow kept getting in my eyes causing me to crash and lay in the snow laughing by myself. it rocked. then i went down the same red piste as yesterday and i was done. a hot chocolate and a bus ride later we were back at the hotel. tonight we had dinner at our hotel with everybody that was here in our 17 people or something? we finally ate spatzle! case you're a food person like i am, here's a wikipedia link. somebody should attempt to make it at home and let me know how it goes ;)ätzle so i guess that is all i have to say about today! thanks for reading and wish me luck/courage to ski some more tomorrow..woooohoo

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