Friday, May 24, 2013

post two-year return: life as of now

My dearest blog readers, yet another thanks for checking out the blog for what i always say is the final time. I feel i need to catch you up on the past school year, my reoccurring thoughts about my adventure, and life in general. Let me start by saying that i've almost forgot what its like to put your feelings down on paper, or in this case blog, so stick with me here. Lately i have started to miss belgium so badly i go through every picture, read every blog post, and attempt every recipe i find that reminds me of my second...home. Its funny, because thats how it is in my mind. 100% another home. Particularly during my days of miserable homesickness i never thought i would be laying in my bed teary eyed typing about how much i miss belgium. this is un-freaking-believable. So that was feelings. now heres life. Life has been crazy! I finished my SECOND year of COLLEGE and i can't believe that its half over. I cant believe two years have gone by since returning home from the adventure of a lifetime. Its like i dont remember it, or i remember all of it.. its just always there. Hard to imagine that college will also soon be a memory. live in the moment, kids. your life will flash before your eyes and i want you all to be ready....because i sure as heck am not. This year has had its ups and downs. ups mostly with academics and extra-curricular activities, downs mainly in self-reevaluations and a differing relationship status. in the past week i've also switched apartments, and the one i just moved to needed a LOT of work before i could move in. but its what i wanted. i like being unique in my new place. and I blame belgium for making me so stir-crazy, random, and indecisive. also! i switched majors for a third time. so i'm now studying (for what we can only hope is a final time) entrepreneurial studies. Maybe i can work in good ol BELGIE for a couple years after graduation? girl can dream, anyways. lastly, I suppose the good news is that theres about a 90% chance my friend (and faithful reader..shoutout!) Adam and I will be going to belgium the second week of July. truly, nothing would complete my life more than taking him there. we have been friends for as long as i can remember, and we are the best travel companions anyone could ask for. Cross your fingers that it works out for us to go! I cannot WAIT to see my families and my friends back in Belgium. so, alas. I'm falling asleep but i had to acknowledge the fact that its been two years since i got home. i miss my life there, yet im proud of myself here, but i'm hoping i can have it back for a couple days in july. thanks again bloggers! you guys seriously make it worthwhile.. and anything else, just ask ;) Jamie Marguerte