Wednesday, January 26, 2011


day 162! over 23 weeks in belgium, cannot begin to describe how surprised and pleased with myself i am for making it so far. the half way point seemed impossible sometimes, but now i'm here and theres no looking back. so! about today. this morning i had dutch class, which i really enjoyed. living with a family that speaks with me a lot makes the lessons so much better. not that it was difficult before, but i think its one of those things that once you get the hang of it and keep yourself motivated then its not as hard as it first seems. maybe i'm wrong, who knows. so that was class. after that, manuella (the other exchange student in my town from brazil..i feel redundant sometimes but i don't expect you to keep up with names and such) and i went to the frituur (fried place...again with the redundancy) and i ate almost half of what is pictured below for lunch.

although it looks bad, i can honestly say it was not as bad as it looks but wasn't anything great. here they call the tossed cookies looking stuff on top 'stoofvlees' and i can only describe it as gravy and always reminds me of the turkey gravy they served at home for school lunch, haha! i'm sorry that i am such a foodie...maybe it gets annoying. so after eating that junk for lunch i quickly came and got my wallet then went shopping with manuella for a few hours. i ended up buying a couple tee shirts and a sweater, only the sweater has short sleeves which is one of the dumber inventions the world has ever thought of, but i fell for it and now i have a blue one. so. on my walk home from shopping i took some pictures of my street, it is super cute!

tonight i went to a rotary thing, but not a normal meeting. it was a casual banquet sort of thing to raise money for some good cause, i'm not quite sure. manuella and i tried our best to help, because we were invited on the basis of helping but after being commanded a few times we gave up and just did the easy jobs. the easy jobs included making sure there was a nice selection of salads out and then eating a lot of dessert. here's a few pictures, there was a band and fyi the chocolate mousse was the best of the four. tehehe.

so i guess i dont have much else to say, only that i'm really tired and not looking forward to going a whole day to real school tomorrow. oh i absolutely loathe school. i like math class now, and dutch isn't bad either. jazz band is okay too, but its one hour a week. i shall make due, no worries. tomorrow i'm going to try and work my new schedule out. wish me luck! maybe i can even add a few new classes. goodnight readers.


  1. Is that a big dollop of MAYO!! with the stoofvlees? What do they call "dollop of Mayo" in Belgium?

    All the pictures are great!

  2. You're probably love this comic, Jamie:

    "een klodder mayonaise" or "een kwak mayonaise"