Sunday, January 16, 2011


hello everybody! first full day with my second family and it is going so well! i was nervous that it would be like coming to belgium all over again or something, but its actually much much easier than that. i never took in to account that i've lived in here for almost 5 months so there would really not be any culture shock as with the first family..duh jamie! not that being with the first family was hard or anything, all my families are so kind and welcoming, but when absolutely everything was new it was a bit overwhelming. thats good because it made me close with the family, but they also had to do the most to help me adapt..i think adapting is something i will take out of this year. amongst a small number of other things, my adaptation skills have definitely improved. its a very generous and committed thing for these families to do for me, and i guess i'm just really thankful i get the opportunity to do this. sometimes i forget that, but it doesn't take me long to wake up and realize that this is the only year i will ever have to be here, and i should really take advantage of every day i have. actually, i think i still have a little bit of emotional baggage i should find a dumpster for. sometimes i feel like this year is just a distraction from reality. and sometimes i think i think too much. actually, i always think too much, talk to much, and write too much rubbish on the blog. don't take me too seriously, or at least don't think i'm too weird. i think of my blog as my online diary, or journal. sometimes the interpretation of my posts are probably a little strange. but aren't we all. well now that i've officially babbled too much, i'll tell you what i did today. (note: i find it funny that in english we say "babble", because it is so close to the dutch word "babbel", which translates as...chatter, or..babble. neat?). this morning after a shower and some bread i went with my new host mom to the saturday market! oh golly i love the market. as i've said before, its like our farmers market in brookings only on steroids. cheese, clothes, candy, coffee...not everything starts with a "C" but thats just what first came to mind. it was crazy close to the house though! it will be so weird to go to school on monday and be there so quickly. in a way oud-turnhout was like sunnyview, not in town but not extremely far away. i can even hear cars outside my window! i'm such a rural south dakotan after all. so we went to the market and i watched a guy at the fish truck slice a whole salmon right in front of us and the fillets we ended up eating for dinner! it made me want to go fishing at the lake back home a little. i haven't used my waders in such a long time!! we also went to the library today. there is quite a big english book section, but i still have a few books from home to read first. actually, i have a christmas novel to read still but i ended up reading one by chelsea handler first, and i can't put it down! although i've never seen her tv shows, but i can tell by her writing that she is hilarious. granted, the book is titled "my horizontal life; a collection of one-night stands", so its supposed to be funny. and stupid. i think you, as the reader, can tell when i'm in a good mood because i start to ramble and give you a lot of details. thus, today was a nice day. i had a nice talk with my two new host parents, and i think that always makes me feel better. or maybe better is not the right word, but good. hmmmm what else. went to a party thing from a friend for a little while tonight. it was interesting. didn't stay very long because the people i were with had to wake up early tomorrow, oh well! so now i shall go to sleep. i will probably add a couple pictures to this tomorrow. also, no comments about the new layout!!!!!!!!?????? goodnight.

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