Tuesday, January 4, 2011


day 140 and i wimped out and didn't ski today. you guessed it..not enough sleep + chair lift = absolutely not. immediately upon seeing the scary two person chair lift go all the way to the top of the (beautiful but) really high mountain the anxietyset in and i couldn't force myself to push through it. so i took the bus back to around this neighborhood then walked for like a half hour to the hotel. fun times. although it was good to have some time to myself, i really needed to think i guess. so i will share with you some pictures from yesterday, and hopefully tomorrow will be better. i find myself yet again feeling lucky because tomorrow is always a new day!
beautiful mountains..you can only imagine my fear going up there on the lift!
speaking of lifts, heres a lift i actually liked because ITS ENCLOSED! well it was nice until it stopped and let us swing there for five minutes..
awesome host family number one!
nail game..no of course thats not my hand with a beer..hehehe. but seriously, half beer half lemonade.
sliding down a hill after "apres-skiing" haha...love you all and thanks for reading.

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