Thursday, January 13, 2011


hello! wow, almost day 150..and wow, almost moving time! i don't know what to think of all of that. i've accomplished a lot in 150 days, and that means i'm almost half way done. i'm also excited to switch families tomorrow but nervous too. of course it'sa completely natural feeling to be nervous when moving into someone's house, but i'm also really excited too! it seems like time shall fly by now that christmas is over. today i packed, packed, and packed some more. i have WAY too much junk oh my goodness! the picture is from yesterday's things..only yesterdays.
so it is about half of what i have in total. never let me complain again about not having something or the other, because i'm sure i have it. it actually makes me feel bad when i think that i have brought more with me for one year than normal people have in their normal lives..not even including how bad i feel if you take third world countries into mind. oh man, i am surely a poor example of materialistic american. well, at least i threw them all off with the "fat" stereotype. one time a kid in my class asked me if there "really was a mcdonalds on every corner" anywho. tonight we had ice cream after dinner. i was really excited. tomorrow i am going to eat dinner with my first family then they will take me to the second one after that. oh man! i hope there is wifi, and if so..i hope i figure out the password so i can continue to tell you all about my travels. can you believe i'm almost to 10 thousand views and 150 days..thats like 66 views per day, granted some of you may be refreshing the page just to get me more views but i hope thats not always the case. anyways, thank you for reading...and i will hopefully be writing again tomorrow :) goodnight world

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