Wednesday, January 5, 2011


hello! day 141..and i actually went skiing today! i think i was even doing okay at it too. my right foot kept calling asleep even when i loosened my boots, but whatever. here are a couple pictures from when we took a break at around 11. i had a radler..the half beer and lemonade thing. and a view, my crazy life.
and here are a couple pictures from lunch. another radler! and a club sandwich.
after lunch i sat in the sun with my host mom and her friends and had a hot chocolate. our seat was heated and the hot chocolate was probably the best in my life. all i talk about is food, sorry. after that i skied down my first red piste...really not that hard but kind of icy. i think i did the pizza about 75% of the time. i'm getting pretty good with my parallel stuff on the blue runs, but red is difficult. i don't want to imagine black! so we came down the mountain and go figure time to drink something again. radler number three, enough for today! then we took the bus and came to the hotel. here's a picture of the town we were in today. its important and really popular i guess. i will figure out the name tomorrow. royalty comes here i guess. nice.
when we got back we showered then had dinner and now here i am. as i type this, i'm laying in bed in my pajamas drinking a glass of wine. haha, wow. livin the life i guess. well time to stop livin the life for today and go to bed. goodnight all!

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