Friday, January 7, 2011


lets see...where to start about today. last day skiing! or in my case, not skiing..but don't fret, it was still a good time! my host dad took a wrong turn this morning so we ended up going through a really long curvy tunnel twice so i was really really carsick and we even stopped for a while after going through it once haha. so when we got to the ski place it was cold, snowy, and i felt like throwing up..thus, i was stupid and decided not to ski today. instead, i chilled out in this restaurant place drinking cola, eating schnitzel, reading my book, and playing on my ipod. it took me a solid two hours to not feel so sick anymore so it really wasn't a horrible decision anyhow i suppose! hmm lets see what else happened..we went to a bar again tonight before dinner, one last time with everybody. i experienced my first (and last) "flying hirsch" aka jagerbomb..weird! jagermeister and red bull..yuuuucky cough syrup taste. after that i had some water, i have some standards ya know, haha just kidding. so tonight i packed up my stuff because we leave tomorrow. i'm hoping theres not a lot of traffic because i really don't ever want to feel as carsick as i did today :( took us less than 7 hours to get here but everyone else took like 13 the next! so wish me luck and i will be writing some more on the blog tomorrow night of course :) love you all and thanks for reading

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  1. I'm pretty sure that if Jagermiester existed in bible times we'd be having that for communion instead of wine. :)