Tuesday, January 25, 2011


hi all! wow, two days with three comments each...i feel special! so today i had to get up early because i had normal school in the morning and dutch after lunch. i really don't enjoy getting up an hour earlier, but it shall be fine i guess. the first two hours of school i sat in the library. while i was there i talked to a couple other exchange students from another program, and one of them showed me how to get on facebook at school. facebook is normally blocked but apparently the french exchange student told the spanish speaking girl who told the cute chinese girl who told me. i probably shouldn't share this information with you, but i find it a nice fact about my day. so my first two hours were fine. the third hour i had CHOIR! i guess they are taking some trip on the 11th of february to go to a church by the sea and sing and they wanted me to try along with them. i just sat there nodding my head and listening, we'll see what comes of that. i quit singing in school when i entered high school and haven't had any interest in starting again, but it will all work out i'm sure. after singing there was dutch, but i mean the dutch thats in school not the language class. at lunch i went with a couple of my friends to the frituur (fried place!) where innocently bought a bottle of water and ended up learning a valuable lesson. for starters, here is a picture of some of my water bottles at home.

my mom sent me the green one last month, on the right side with the straw. back home i take one to school every day, not sure if its because i like to drink water or i just like to have an excuse to roam the halls filling it up and going to the bathroom. (that probably wasn't a very classy thing to say, but what i mean is that you can use a water bottle as an excuse to get out of class anytime at bhs..drank too much, sorry! or i have a cough, sorry have to fill it up!). sooo i poured my water from my newly bought water bottle into my camelback. BIG MISTAKE. ever since moving to my new family i've developed a habit of drinking the sparkling water...the water with the bubbles in it. for those of you that don't know, its like the hyvee flavored water coolers without the flavor. its just a habit, its way easier to drink that water than normal water. normal water is boring now. so with the water bottle function it just didnt work, ended up spraying water all over myself and laughing at myself the whole walk to dutch class. this afternoon dutch class was ok. i was a lot less motivated and way more tired, but i shall make due. after school i came home and i really don't know what i did...ummm...probably nothing. i do know that after dinner i watched the tv show "bones" with my host brother, and its actually a really good show! but the last thing i have to share with you is this awesome picture. one of the many great things about this family is that dessert is a common statement at the dinner table, or it has been so far. today we had some leftover cupcakes from my class and also something really cool..BREAD PUDDING! my host mom made it today and it was sooooo good! theres something very comforting about coming home from school and smelling something freshly baked from the oven, ya think? not to mention the extreme generosity my new family (the first too of course, read back to days 1-150 to hear more about the wonderful 1st family, hehe) is showing for me. not only did i get to have dessert, my host mom made me hot chocolate AND gave me some coasters to add to my collection. where is america again? ;) no no just kidding. goodnight all!


  1. yay i am sooooo happy to see you happy!....finally.

  2. Glad you had such a good day and TOTALLY jealous of the bread pudding. : )


  3. Bread pudding is awesome indeed!