Sunday, January 23, 2011


hello you faithful reader you. how was your sunday? i like my sundays lazy. like a potato. a couch potato, or something. oh hey speaking of potatoes, we had homemade french fries for lunch!!! if i've learned anything from being in belgium its A) that i appreciate my life in the USA a lot more then i ever thought i could and B) I LOVE FRENCH FRIES. so being a food lover that i am, i documented every step of the french fry making process. i hope you enjoy! a day in the life of a belgian potato....



fry once..

bubble bubble...

after once fried..

fry twice...and tada!! FRENCH FRIES!!!

other than eating french fries, i talked to my dad on skype for a little while and watched american idol on youtube. that was my sunday, i hope yours was nice too!


  1. french fries are the best

  2. Hi Jamie. I am FINALLY posting a blog. Yeah. I am such a bum...been meaning to do this for weeks. Please know that we enjoy reading your blog.? So nice of you to teach us prairie people all about Belgium. Seriously you share your adventures and we learn about the Belgium people, food and ways without even leaving our homes.

    I try to read what you're up to at least a couple of times each week...Guess you wouldn't know that by the absence of my posts. Honestly, just know we are here for you. Often times, I share your posts with Scott...especially when you mention food. He is a foodie, too. Tonight he enjoyed the french fry lesson. Yummo as Rachael Rae would say. I would have to say, however, that his favorite post was the pumpkin boat races. They have not, trust me, seen the like of those boats at the Lake Poinsett Sailing Regatta.

    I love the new blog layout. You are very many ways. Remember the beautiful cupcakes you made with Blair? and the halloween finger cookies? Cute and tasty!

    So i try my best to keep your mom out of trouble. We have been enjoying the cinema! MareMare, Scott and I are taking in the pictures we hope to see nominated at Oscar time. I told your momma we ought to dress in our finest evening gowns, induldge in great food and champaign for Oscar night. She laughed. She know me better. You can see us, I am quite sure, at home, watching TV and texting our opinions to one another. Real world.

    I know your mom misses you dearly, but like all of us she is so incredibly proud of you and your endeavors. You know Jamie, even if you came home tomorrow, we all see as a very successful young woman. So enjoy your remaining time. I promise Brookings will not change will you are gone...and you can take that to the bank!

    Not much news here. Brady transferred to DSU in January. He and Mac (his little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) have taken up residence in a nice little house there. Blair, Scott and I met at Brady's house for lunch today. We prepared some of their favorite foods and Scott even made his princess a key lime pie.

    Stay well. See you on the blog. Love, Nancy