Sunday, January 23, 2011


today is day 158! i did a lot of sleeping today. we got to my friends house around 6am, slept till 11...then my nice new host dad came and picked me up. oh gosh, have i mentioned how nice they are to me? theres really nobody that is not nice to me in belgium, but all my families have seemed to go the extra mile and it makes me very happy. so i got home, had some breakfast/lunch and then went to bed for a few more hours. after dinner we went to a concert. a guy named Arno, he's this crazy belgian rock guy. it was a nice concert, lots of lights and sound. its a pity i forgot my glasses though. every time i wear my glasses i feel like belgium is a whole new world i've never seen before. that could also be metaphorically too but i mean it in the literal sense. we had quiche and spinach burgers for dinner. i feel like mentioning that, i guess. probably because i don't have much else to say because i am really tired. but of course i'm not tired enough to leave you without a picture. here's me, self timer style with my exchange student business card. thats all for now folks, goodnight!

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