Monday, January 17, 2011


oh boy, it was a busy monday! normally i don't like mondays but today was nice. i'm wondering why i have been so tired the past few nights and i've decided its either from having coffee in the mornings again, speaking almost always dutch with the new family (of course words i dont know are always explained and translated, but if not written out i tend to forget them), or because im still in christmas break mode. it could be all of them. i promise to put pictures on the blog sometime this week, but like i said im so tired and pretty busy so time seems to get away from me. my suitcases aren't even fully unpacked yet, hehe. today i had a review in dutch class because we have our writing and listening exam tomorrow! i'm excited to take the test so i can hopefully move on to another level. crazy to think i might be in level 3 next! today i actually had bread/sandwiches for lunch, you would be proud of me readers! its so cute because my host mom makes them for me in the morning..hey american mom, did you hear that? there's also an awesome coffee maker here too. oh the little things in life..haha. hmm so in school we had english class and we did more stuff about macbeth. i'm sorry, but if you don't know the past tense of "thinking" do you really need to know macbeth!? ridiculous class. the teacher made me read out loud and i dont understand why! she does it EVERY WEEK! then at the end she'll say a comment about my accent or pronunciation or that maybe its difficult even for me or ughh just something that i don't understand the point of even saying. why make me read, when i already know how to speak english? a couple times i understand but every week, just to continue to comment on it? i'm not going to worry about it. after school i came home and eventually went to a little grocery store with my host mom. theres lots of grocery stores here, lots of big ones too. but we went to a smaller one and it was cute. tonight we got to eat french fries! its not even friday and i had fries and a bicky burger. i've explained it before and even posted a picture i think. the past couple nights i've watched "bones" with my new host brother and its actually a good show. its no csi miami, but just as interesting. and in english! so that was my day, and now i'm super tired and going to go to sleep. goodnight world!

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