Tuesday, January 18, 2011

154! 5 months!

hi readers! either someone keeps refreshing the page over and over, or i'm actually getting a lot of page views. either way, thanks for tuning in now! today i had my exam in dutch class! yesterdays practice exam was pretty easy, so i wasn't worried at all. but when we started doing the listening part of the exam i started to second guess my nonchalant approach to the test. if you've ever taken a class in another language, you know exactly what i'm talking about when i say that there are always the same voices talking on the recordings..the same characters, same voices, same situations..things like that. i can specifically remember back to freshman year spanish things like "me llamo Juana, soy de Puerto Rico" or something. so today, instead of the usual characters Dorjee and Dalia, it was like a recording of the teachers talking or something lame. it was fast and not so clear, thus i don't think that was my strongest part of the test but (i'm hoping) i shall pass still. today at lunch we had a rotary meeting. after walking around in the rain for about 10 minutes with manuella, we found our ride and got to the meeting. the meeting was fine because there was no fish and there were french fries. i can never complain about getting french fries two days in a row, oh no sir..all is good when there are fries. so after a long meeting i went to school. turns out i was only at school for one class which was math since we didn't have a last class and i had missed the other two thanks to rotary..but i would have normally been in the library so its okay. hmm what else about today...i still find it weird that i can just walk to and from school so quickly. and i took a couple pictures of my new bedroom for the next 3 months! not everything is quite unpacked or clean but better than no pictures right?

so yesterday i cant believe i forgot to say IVE LIVED IN BELGIUM FOR 5 MONTHS! wow! i guess its a good sign i forgot it, but still...how do i forget to mention that!? time is going faster than i think. and although i'm sad to have to miss half my summer, i guess things are looking up. spring will be here soon enough and i really want my mom to come visit me! plus there are my two trips and it will be great. you know my trips, right? barcelona with my family in march and italy with my school in april. tehehehe! well i guess the last thing i have to mention tonight is how much i enjoy apple mousse..or um, homemade apple sauce, actually. the belgians always eat it with sausage and potatoes, or so i've seemed to figure out. i may even like it more than french fries. my host mom told me to tell her if there was anything special i liked to eat on my bread at lunch, so she would make sure to have it at the house..and instead i jokingly asked if i could just eat apple mousse every day. haha i dont know, something about apples grown in belgium, made into apple sauce by belgian people, eaten by belgian families in a traditional belgian way...just nothing like that in america. or maybe so with cows. we are pretty good at eating meat in south dakota. well my point is that its something i enjoy in belgium, and i really think i need to study food science next year. decisions decisions. thanks for reading, feel free to comment. goodnight!

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