Saturday, January 15, 2011


hi everyone! oh man theres just so much to say about today! i'll start by talking about school. well, on fridays i go to normal school all day. it was actually pretty boring, but i did what i could. this morning we had a "winter ritual" or something, which basically means we walked a few kilometers in the misty, windy, cloudy morning..along the river/canal thing in town. the walk would have been okay, had i not worn the completely incorrect pair of shoes. i now have a blister the size of a silver dollar on my left heel- well done self, well done! easily the biggest blister i've ever had. painful! i'm half tempted to throw the stupid h&m sale rack shoes out the window, but that's illegal so i shall restrain. oh my! i forgot to mention that i RODE MY BIKE to school today for what seems to be the last time here considering my new family and the next are only a few blocks away.

it was fine except the warm wind made it slightly uncomfortable. i may or may not have skipped gym class because my tennis shoes were already at my second house and my blistered feet didn't feel like going...but thats only a maybe, eh. school was over and i went to my oud-turnhout home for the last time. i packed everything except my tiny little converter, which i left in the wall. i think theres another here, but i'm too lazy to look until my computer is almost dead..which shall be sometime tomorrow i'm sure. it was weird and exciting walking away from the bedroom that had become my own over the past (almost) 5 months, where i've spent quite some time blogging, being homesick, and everything in between. but as the saying goes... "change is inevitable, except from a vending machine". so after eating at the thai restaurant on the market (which was so good may i add) my family brought me to my second family! oh man its like i was an orphan or something..some talking, hugging, and then they were gone. except i don't feel anything like an orphan, orphans usually don't get a pretty bedroom, an extremely lovely family, and surely not a kriek before bed. that was probably a bad example. but what i mean to say is, the room is cute if i don't ruin it with all my luggage i've collected, the new family is very nice and i can tell they genuinely want me to feel good here, and anybody who offers me a cherry beer on my first night in their home is just wonderful don't you agree? so going back to my quote. "change is inevitable, except from a vending machine".....while i was (maybe) not in gym class, i made myself a new layout for the blog. do you like it? i might play around with it more in the next couple days, but to celebrate my move, almost 10,000 views, and 150 days in is my blog, remixed. i love you all, and thanks for reading :)

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