Tuesday, January 11, 2011


hi world! going to be another short note tonight because i'm really tired. i've spent most of the night packing because it turns out my second family wants some of my luggage tomorrow, which is actually a good thing because i don't think i could make it all fit in a car for one trip! i have so much..especially lots of shoes and scarves but it makes me feel more comfortable so thats okay. nothing notable about school today other than i payed attention for my first time in math class! too bad they didn't do anything. i only learned the name for a leap year in dutch..it is a "schrikkel jaar" which i find a really funny name. and yes i learned that in math class! next time i think they are going to start on "financial algebra" and i might try to join them, all the formulas are the same of course but the letters are different which makes it seem impossible at first glance. who knows. i went to a rotary meeting at lunch. we had some really soft white fish and manuella and i tried our hardest to eat it. i don't care if we had to eat fish, it was way better than being at school! soooo thats about all i have about today. i hope i'm not boring you by being short lately! goodnight :)

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