Friday, December 31, 2010


happy last day of 2010!! hope you spent your day nicely..i hear theres a blizzard in good ol south dakota? figures! typical mother nature. here it's pretty foggy, so our departure tomorrow morning might be a little delayed. first i shall tell you about today. i slept in, ate leftover mac and cheese for lunch, then finished packing my medium-sized suitcase for our skiing trip. i say medium sized because i brought three beautiful suitcases from my aunts store with me to really tiny, one really big (over the limit for the airlines but they didn't notice) and one just perfect for this trip. anywho,it is stuffed with lots of warm clothes and ready to go! then i quickly rode my bike to the same store i bought my ski jacket at and bought a travel outfit for tomorrow. sweatshirt and sweatpants of course, only the best for our 9 (maybe more? less?) hour drive tomorrow, ridiculous! i'm planning on taking lots of dramamine and hopefully sleeping the entire way, prayers needed people--motion sickness is the enemy! so around 4:30 a friend from my class picked me up (she can drive now that she's i felt like a kid again, with your friend driving for their first few times-although its probably a lot harder with a stick shift. she couldn't believe our cars do the gear switching for us). then we went and picked up another girl in our class and her boyfriend. the four of us went to a house that thefirst girl was housesitting (are you confused yet?) and ate dinner and hung out. it was nice, a lot better than doing nothing tonight! i wanted to go out and "party like a belgian" (if you will) tonight, but we leave so early tomorrow morning that i figured it was a bad idea. so having dinner was cute, and its a pretty normal thing to do around here. heres the table, salad, and a picture on the way home! well, home for me anyways..they will continue to party at the reflex till 5am or something.
so now i'm home, and soon i am going with my host parents to see the fireworks from the chinese restaurant in oud-turnhout. earlier today when i was going to buy my sweatsuit (haha, lazy sweatsuit) i saw these chinese people roping off the parking lot of the restaurant and now i know why! so maybe i will try to get a picture and put it on here, if not im sorry. but now, i will tell you a little bit about my trip that we are going on tomorrow! tomorrow is driving day, long day in the car till we are in Austria. i think we are coming back next week friday, but i'm not quite sure i guess. we will spend almost an entire week skiing somewhere near Wald, Austria..i'm pretty sure thats the town name, if not, then its a resort name and i'm just stupid. so i've taken the 7 ski lessons on the magic carpet thing, bought a new ski jacket, and i'm hopefully ready to go. it will be a very nice time but i have no idea if i can keep blogging every night or not. i could be too tired, the wifi could be too expensive, or i guess anything could happen. i will try my hardest though, don't you worry! but overall i feel very lucky that my family is taking me!! it will be great fun. so just warning you guys, don't panic if there's no blog will come in a week or so! love you all, and thanks for reading. wishing you the absolute best in 2011, goodnight world!

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