Monday, December 27, 2010


day 132, hi readers! this morning i woke up around 8 (way too early for christmas break) and went to ikea with my host mom and brother. it was about the same as in the usa. typical ikea. chaos and cheap swedish furniture. here's a picture of me pretending to read a book in my "new bedroom". i'm funny, i know.
after ikea we went to burger king! it was a funny story actually. i was sleeping the entire ride there, and when i woke up, BAM there was a burger king. so reluctantly my host mom let us go there and we got woppers..which my host mom likes to call "garbage" haha, i suppose that is true, but to each their own. so of course i took a picture of myself in burger king.
did i mention to you that burger king and ikea were both IN HOLLAND!? i've officially been to holland, more than just the amsterdam airport for 20 hours when i was twelve! hip hip hooray. i was awake a little while on the way home and saw a "staples" office store and a "fedex" place..we came to the conclusion that holland is a lot more americanized than belgium. its a fact! when we got home my tiny box my mom sent on november 30th was FINALLY here! it had brown sugar, cuddle duds, sweaters, and an old camera in it. that was nice to finally get after so much anticipation. then i finished making cookies from the refrigerated dough i had leftover in the fridge from this weekend. interesting eh? we had spaghetti for supper. that's about all i have for today! talk to you tomorrow readers!

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