Tuesday, December 28, 2010


hi blog readers. day one thirty three...nineteen weeks in belgium, oh boy! this morning i slept in and it felt very very good! i went to bed early last night too, so it was just nice in general. i really like sleeping, seriously. especially sleeping here, because i find myself being far more tired than i ever have been back home, mainly because every day is something new, translating, or things like that. they told me before i even left that i would be really tired, but i'd call it more like exhausted especially during school days! so anyways, this morning (well lunch actually..slept through breakfast) we had pancakes! american pancakes, from a box of BISQUICK i got from the american store in antwerp last week. since i am not very intelligent, i forgot to buy maple syrup (they even had aunt jemima..oh well) so instead i made some whipped cream and it was actually pretty good. i also made some eggs with bacon too..like an omlette kind of. taaaasty! so that was lunch. then the rest of the day i did basically nothing. ended up downloading a movie from itunes that i still have to finish tonight. i'm cheap and only rent the 99 cent movies..but sometimes they aren't that good. better than getting viruses from other websites though i guess..unless its someone uploading it on youtube, thats the best. so mid-way through my movie my host mom comes in and tells me i should start making dinner because we're leaving in an hour and i was like..what!? leaving...where...i just am watching a movie half asleep and in my pajamas..where could we possibly be going? turns out there was an entire conversation i missed at lunch. my host dad and brother and his friend (and myself of course) "had plans" to go go-karting tonight and i didn't even know it. i know we talked about going before but it was just an up in the air plan, kind of like we talk about going ice skating or eating pizza hut, just random thoughts. but at lunch time i apparently was completely blanking out of the entire conversation and missed it all. most of the time after a detailed plan in dutch they will say "can you follow that" or "do you understand" or something, then i snap out of daydream mode and start paying attention..but not today. today was one of the days where my brain just shuts down, doesn't want to listen to dutch lunch time conversation and starts thinking about random things in english. thus, i quickly showered and went downstairs to help my host brother make "wok". it was basically a slop of poorly chopped leftover vegetables from christmas with some soy sauce and noodles. it was good though, no worries! after that we left and went to the go kart place about 45 minutes away. it will always amaze me how long you can drive in belgium and barely be that far away..small curvy-roaded country. so i was pretty excited to drive since it's been over four months now..but when i got there i definitely second guessed my intentions. giant race track with many twists and turns, going 60 km per hour..you know what that is in miles? 37 mph! this was no thunder road or wild water west! too intense for me, so i chickened out and was a little disappointed in myself. but i figured if i every feel physically uncomfortable doing something it's a lot different than wanting to try something new like visiting a new town or eating new food..it's more of a genuine fear of mine instead of a fear of something unknown. heck, i've go karted since i was like ten..right after playing mini golf in watertown, am i right? i said to the guy behind the counter...they go a lot slower in america and he said "yeah, i know. thats true. hahaha" proceeded by "if you have any doubt at all, then don't do it. it will make it harder for everybody else..blah blah". on top of everything else, i'm not even sure if i'm allowed to do it with the four "D's" of rotary. drinking, driving, dating, disfiguration, those rules. needless to say, i think i made the right decision. when we came home my host brother and i had some chocolate ice cream. normally there isn't ice cream here but it was leftover from christmas. it was really good, and really chocolaty compared to american chocolate ice cream. belgium chocolate will always be better than american chocolate, as for everything else..i'm still comparing. thats all for tonight, thanks for reading!

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  1. Dang Jamie!!!! I'am so freaking jealous of you and all of the experiences you've already had! You better be enjoying the heck out of everything over there and having the time of your life!!!!
    FB me sometime!
    Judge =)