Monday, December 6, 2010


okay, hello world. day 111, a much better day than yesterday. truly sorry for my stupid blog, but i think its good to write down so i can look back once i'm back in america and say..why the hell was i homesick? or something like that. anyways. today i didn't go to language class due to a bad night of sleep and a massive headache. i made my way out of the house around lunch time and found my class like normal. today we had lunch in a really weird place..the hema, which is like..walgreens meets hyvee or something. i bought some hair clips and ate lunch in the same hour, is what i'm trying to say. nice change of scenery though!then we had two hours of english where we learned really really weird things...words about death and stuff. for example: suicide, hell, obituary, etc. extremely weird if you ask me, maybe they should work on basic vocabulary and get their tenses straight before they learn words like "posthumous" (which for the record is a new word i learned today..see its even too hard for me!).oh well. the next class i usually just go to the library but good thing i didn't because we got a surprise visit from sinterklaas and his black slaves! actually it was just a few teachers that came in and threw crackers at us but it was still cool! something excites me when i see sinterklaas, like i'm 5 and seeing santa i suppose. then we each got a little chocolate figure..and i laughed because i got a little naked boy.
i think its supposed to be the little peeing boy in brussels, but this is like a PG chocolate version or something. so today after school i came home and sinterklaas had been here too! and you'd never guess what he brought me! well let me start by saying we set our shoes out last night with whatever we had that was close to a carrot (we were out of carrots), some sugar cubes, and normally you set some beer out too i guess? all for the setting out milk and cookies for santa. so we came home and there were little mandarin oranges, a giant speculaas cookie, and notes in our shoes! seriously you would never believe what was in the was a "voucher for a trip to Barcelona with my 2nd host family"! wow..what a good sinterklaas! as if belgium is not being generous enough by getting to go to Austria the 1st week of january skiing with my first family, why not throw in a trip to Spain? gee, sure makes yesterday's blog look stupid! so anyways...i must go shower now and get to sleep. but thanks for reading, and sorry my blog posts are sometimes so up and down ;)

PS: thanks everyone again for blog is over 7,000 page views!!! amazing!

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