Sunday, December 19, 2010


day 124..sunday funday, right? after a lovely croissant filled breakfast i CLEANED MY ROOM!! it took almost all day but it's done, and it looks very nice. here's a before picture. i still have to take an after picture..or you can just imagine it in your head.
i had a ski lesson at 5:30 and normally there's at least one other person with me in the lesson but they didn't come so it was a pretty intense hour! my legs hurt. after the ski lesson we had dinner..exciting right? can you tell that i'm really tired and this is going to be a short blog post? sorry about that! but after dinner i had a very nice conversation with my host mom. can you believe i switch houses in less than a month? makes me a little starting the exchange all over again! but everything will be great, i just know it. i'm really sorry that i don't have much to say tonight...i guess sometimes its better to just be quiet and content, maybe. so i'll leave you with that. oh and i called my dad today too, it was so nice! i really like talking to him. and i've decided that i really miss working at the dollar store with a santa hat on, listening to cheesy christmas music, and helping mean customers buy all their well-priced wrapping paper. those were the days. goodnight!


  1. Can't believe you let your room get that messy...

  2. i recognize that bedroom's Jamie's!