Sunday, December 12, 2010


lazy sunday day 117! slept in a while but didn't sleep the greatest because i think i'm getting a cold. but thats really not a big deal because everyone gets colds here i guess. i blame the weather. so after the typical sunday breakfast i watched desperate housewives from last sunday on my computer. it was a really good episode! then i watched some normal tv, then hung out being lazy in my room. around 6 we ate dinner and it was some mashed potato-hamburger-witloof (belgian endive) casserole. i'm starting to acquire a distinct hate for the endive vegetable, i'm not sure why. it's like a bitter version of cabbage and i kind of wish i liked it more because it's so popular here. oh speaking of vegetables! tonight i spent about an hour making a vegetable soup for my host mom and my DIET that starts TOMORROW! its called the "sacred heart diet" and its a modified version of the cabbage soup diet..or a nice crash-type diet. basically you eat all the soup, vegetables, and fruit you want. the last couple days you eat steak, tomatoes, and rice..but we'll see if i get that far. don't worry, i honestly don't think i've gained much weight..i definitely gained some muscle in my legs from the biking though! its just a good excuse to not eat bread for a week and prepare myself for the week skiing in austria maybe?! i only have language class every day this week except friday i have my english exam for real school in the morning..gotta study a lot for that.not! so my afternoons this week are free, hello NAP TIME! tonight i had my second ski lesson. i found it harder than the last time, maybe because it was a different instructor or maybe because my legs were hurting from the ridiculous amount of walking we did in brussels! but i still got the same "you move so naturally" comments so we're doing good! but now it's way past my bed talk to you tomorrow bloggers, when i will be complaining about only eating fruit and soup all day..wish me luck!

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