Thursday, December 16, 2010


day 121 and happy thursday! yet another not so exciting day, but thats alright! rainy day here, actually. tonight it was even snowing, yippee! i cannot explain to you how painfully boring language class was today. after class i took the bus home and it was stupid for two reasons. one, random scary fireworks that sounded like gun shots were being set off by some punks in town..what a damper on the holiday feeling eh? then the busses were so busy from all the students getting done with exams it was just annoying. maybe i'm lazy for taking the bus but whatever. i got home, had some BREAD for lunch (peanut butter and banana sandwich, actually! so good) and then literally sat in my room for hours upon hours watching SURVIVOR SEASON 21 on my is so good! i'm officially addicted. i found it on youtube with subtitles in Thai but if you look past them its fine..thats the only way i could find it easily and free, haha. i read on the keloland website that the south dakota lady makes it to the finals so i just had to start watching! you know me, always keeping up with keloland and the brookings register's websites..wouldn't want to miss any good gossip from south dakota! at one point i took a break to go with my host mom to the store that sells chocolates..i bought my family a WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS BOX OF PRALINES that i absolutely have to mail tomorrow. i'm half tempted to keepthe box for myself, but there are far too many chocolates in there for just one person to handle. if you're reading this, live near brookings, and want to annoy my mom..go ring the doorbell and tell her jamie said you could have a chocolate..if there are any left! trust me they're just that good, thus i couldn't possibly be on a diet in belgium, what a stupid idea. but after that it was just more survivor watching..i'm all the way to episode 6 now, but keep in mind there are no commercials so that takes less time too. well that is all i have for you today, so seriously thank you a ton for reading, i really don't think i could have made it to almost four months (tomorrow!!) without having my wonderful blog to share with everyone. so to sum up todays post: i love my blog, i love watching survivor, i love eating chocolate, and i love you for reading! ahhh and one last thing:

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