Saturday, December 4, 2010


hi world! friday day 108 today..and i'm almost exactly 1/3 done with belgium. i feel like i've said that before, but this time i used a its probably correct! anyways, this morning i was very thankful that my host dad dropped me off at school on his way to work, that was really nice of him! then after lots of boring classes we went to the tea house for lunch. it seems like we haven't been there in a while..but the hotchocolate was as good as ever of course! today we had a test in gym class over dancing and volleyball. we also got another report card today and i went from a 74% to a 62% thanks to a really bad score in gym class!! the teacher doesn't like me since i had language class when we were supposed to run 5 kilometers or something..thus i think i didn't do so well with the dancing and volleyball today either. whatever teacher, whatever. i've served my time in gym class at brookings high school..torturous memories ofSWIMMING class at home!! which leads me to my my next point, kind of. i had geography today and i am always scared to go there since the teacher is a little..intimidating, might be the word. today she gave me the notes of the class and i translated as much as i could with my penciljust to stay awake. but there are so many difficult words like "globalization" which i can barely explain to you in english! but at the end of class as i was helping clean up (yeah, we have to clean our own class rooms..odd. so i was the dust-pan person) the teacher asked me the basic questions like where i live and what the differences in school when i told her that we have an hour of geography every day (i left out the "only for one year..maybe half a year" part) she got really excited and patted me on the back. keep in mind this is the same teacher that was mad at me and told me "you are bad" a couple weeks ago. win some you lose some i guess? life is life. after school i spent some time in the irish pub with the music people..nothing too exciting i guess. then i got the bus the bus much more than the bike. i honestly refuse to get back on a bicycle till at least may, is that ridiculous? so i watched some tv with the host brother then made him go alone to the frituur so i could get ready to go to a movie. i didn't really have time to eat at home so i threw the food in my purse and walked to the bus stop to meet courtney. we got the bus and went to the movie "due date" was a little weird. i'm starting to understand why everyone has such a tainted view of america after watching movies in a more observational way. after that we went to the irish pub and had some hot chocolate (yeah, hot chocolate twice in one day!), stopped by another place and had a coke, then froze waiting for the bus but finally got home. it was a nice night, not too late or anything. now im pretty tired, because i always stay on facebook or some other random websites before i write my blog. i dont know why, but i do the same thing every weekend. sit on the computer for an hour and save my blog till the very end when i'm super tired. sometimes its even easier to write it then though. but then i make stupid sentences like the one before this one. well that was my day..i hope yours was good too!! goodnight and thanks for reading!! ahhh..and just a couple random photos, one from the night before i left america..and one from tonight. am i the only one that feels like theres a big difference? can you feel the difference just by looking? i sure can. all for the better, though. maybe i got a little greener? no no, just a weird webcam setting :)

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  1. HAHAHA...horrible swimming memories? hmm does this have to do with a partially naked, fat is a mean word soo large greasy person with one arm?