Thursday, December 9, 2010


thursday, day 114..and i feel really bad telling you that i'm so tired right now! i'm stupid like that, i will sit all day on the computer and put my blog in the back of my mind then finally start writing just as i'm going to bed. i'll try to improve on that someday. but anyways, about today. nothing exciting today..language school was really boring, shocker there! then i came home and did absolutely nothing all day. i cooked some swedish meatballs (from an american packed my mom sent me!) tonight since my host parents were gone. oh a funny thing about today was that i finally drank a rootbeer from my drawer of american food and i let my host brother try some too of course..he hated it! said it was like bad tasting sparkley water..hahaha. other than that i think i've been sitting all day on my computer planning my day in Brussels tomorrow with 4 other exchange students. i think it will be really fun! i booked a hostel and we are going to try to go to the christmas market too. here's a link to that if you want to see why we're so interested in going, haha. it looks pretty cute, but exchange students tend to find other things to do as well. i'm sure we won't be bored! i'll make a fake blog tonight that will eventually be my blog about tomorrow, so i won't really have anything interesting on here till saturday..super sorry about that! but i'll be off having a nice adventure in brussels with exchange students, so you should be happy for me, haha just kidding. but thats all for now, thanks for reading!

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