Wednesday, December 1, 2010


hello world. today was day 106 in belgium and right now i have a super bad headache!! thank goodness it was wednesday otherwise i think i would have left school and came home..stupid head! ahh wow, i cannot believe its already december! actually i can believe it, snow on the ground and whatnot..but pretty soon it will be christmas then time will just fly by! so anyways, language class was unbelievably boring today..go figure. i took the bus again today and i'm starting to regret it, but theres no way i would ever start biking again probably! i think its just a wednesday thing, extremely crowded bus with not so friendly loud students, because everyone gets out at noon on wednesday remember. its really annoying! so anyways. i got home a lot later than i would have if i were to be biking, and i guess i'm just not sure what the best mode of transportation is around here. all i know for sure is that i miss my car!!! i had some leftover turkey on my bread for lunch...speaking of that, it really bothers me how theres not a word for what we call a sandwich in america. ask someone what they eat for lunch and its "bread" but its really not bread..its bread with like..cheese or ham or something, but they still call it bread! a sandwich is something completely different (hot dog buns!) really confuses me. so i pretty much just watched tv all day..really eventful i know. tonight we had some worst..sausage in english..that makes me wonder why we call a bratwurst a bratwurst in america..must be german? so after that i chopped up a red bell pepper and made some rice to take to lunch tomorrow..i absolutely cannot eat anymore bread..yuck!!! but now i must take a shower and get to bed if i ever want my head to stop throbbing..lets hope i feel better! goodnight!

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