Tuesday, December 7, 2010


hello my faithful readers! happy tuesday, or whatever day you are reading this. nothing exciting happened today, to be honest. but first i will start out with a couple nice webcam pictures of me and my favorite doll. sometimes i get bored and take pictures with her, is that normal?
she's traveled around the world with me since i was like..born, and i think it's important i give her some credit. her name is squeaky baby and she squeaks if you press her belly. anybody who knows me will surely know of this doll..and of course you probably all think i'm weird now. but whatever. so about today! i went to boring dutch school, then actually did something not normal for lunch i guess. all the exchange students are now required to go to EVERY rotary meeting (every tuesday at lunch) for the REST OF THE YEAR! ah!..thats a lot more meetings. it's actually a good thing for me because tuesdays have always been my really boring 2 hours in the library days. so thus i'm not too upset about it! plus we get to eat lunch there..including dessert, and thats a hell of a lot better than bread every day, no offense belgium. anyways..it gets me out of an extra hour in the library because it lasts about an hour and a half plus a car ride there and back..so i can't complain. so i only sat in the library for about an hour today, not too bad. then an hour of math (reading my book time) and an hour of expression. my class starts their exams (what i would normally call "semester tests") tomorrow and thus ends my full school schedule till after christmas break. i am only required to take 2 exams by the rotary, so i chose english and nederlands (not the language class, thats something different..but the equivalent of our "english class"). the teacher of the nederlands (okay dutch in english but whatever) is really nice and she is even making me a special test to take! i gave her some of my homework from dutch class so she can see what level i'm on and hopefully the "exam" goes well then..but thats not until next week sometime. until then i just go to language class and come home. except for tomorrow, tomorrow is a busy day. language class, bowling with the rotary exchange students, then my first ski lesson! but more about that tomorrow. i'm extremely tired and need to get some sleep for my busy day, you think? thanks for reading!!!

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