Thursday, December 23, 2010


day one hundred twenty eight! lets see..what did i do today. not too much actually! went to some stores with my host mom this afternoon, but i was really tired or something. at first i had a headache from feeling car sick, then it didn;t go away..then i thought it was maybe because i didn't eat much today. then i just felt worse after spending like an hour in a book store. it was honestly a weird feeling..low blood sugar? it was weird. anyways. tonight i made CHILI for my family. not to be confused with "chili con carne" from like..mexico or spain or something. absolutely no! this was good ol american chili..along with cornbread! it was exciting. my host brother really liked the cornbread, i was happy! and they all liked the chili. tomorrow we might even make chili cheese dogs with the leftovers...hahah talk about typical american junk food! tonight i had a ski lesson. i didn't learn anything new, or maybe not anything at all..but i guess its good to practice. way better than nothing! but i'm really tired right now, and tomorrow i have to go to school to "get my report card" (school is too cheap/stupid/traditional to mail it..LAME) which makes me a little frustrated because all it will say is that im good at english class..go figure. but one more thing before i go! happy birthday to my cousin tony..17 today! wish i could be there for your birthday party tony, maybe next year! i'm going to miss my cousins this christmas..weird weird feeling!! its almost as weird of a feeling as thinking that tony is really feels like we were just little kids at disney land. proves that time goes way too fast. unless im sitting in language class bored out of my mind, then honestly time cant go any slower!! but for now all i can do is look back at last year's christmas, lake, thanksgiving memories..and remember that it usually ends up in chaos anyways. haha no just kidding, the small amount of family time we do spend together is always nice. here's my cousin and i at my graduation last may, just for fun. happy birthday tonyloaf, and goodnight all!

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