Wednesday, December 22, 2010


okay so first off i will start out by saying that i am incredibly tired and will probably come back tomorrow night and edit this post, but i don't want to leave you all completely in the dark so here it goes! today i went to real school and took my specially made dutch test. it was really easy except i forgot how to say "it is cloudy outside"..but who cares. after that i came home and made some chicken noodle soup from a packet my mom sent me along with a grilled cheese sandwich. it was good! then my host mom and i went to a few stores and i took really good pictures of the snow but my camera is actually stuck in my pocket with the zipper broken so i cant show you them now. tonight i had a ski lesson and i think thats why i'm tired. i will show you pictures and tell you more later but until then...goodnight! oh and by the way i had 82 views yesterday..WOW! also thanks for all the comments!!!

okay now it is "tomorrow" and i'm back to share with you a couple pictures from yesterday! here is the beautiful snow first. i really enjoy the snow here. how it sticks to the trees, makes people drive slow, and makes belgium seem more peaceful. sometimes during the rain season i really felt that belgium was just a crowded traffic jam, but with the snow (although it is actually more of a traffic jam) all seems to be a lot more relaxed..but then again maybe thats just me. maybe it is, in fact, that my outlook has changed along with the seasons. hmm.
next is a picture from a store we went to. the store reminded me SO MUCH of the dollar store i worked at in brookings, oh my! it made me really miss and respect my over two years of work at that store, especially during christmas. oh we had so much fun wearing santa hats, stocking shelves, checking people out, eating cookies in the break room..something i miss so much! if there is one thing i don't miss about my time at the dollar store is stocking the wrapping paper. so i took a picture today of the wrapping paper shelves, just for fun.
but thats all i have for thanks for checking back!!

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