Tuesday, December 14, 2010


happy tuesday readers! another normal day in belgium land. (reminds me of my dad: its a beautiful day in dakota land!). had trouble waking up because i had slept so well! but after a couple snoozed alarms i was off and on my way to the bus stop. breakfast this morning was CARROTS! thanks, diet. i held up my will power throughout the distributing of birthday candy from a girl in the language class, but at the rotary meeting at noon i couldn't help it. soup, bread, pork, fried potatoes, green beans, rice pudding, and last but not least COKE! oh it was such a horrible way to cheat on the stupid diet, but tonight i'm doing fine. tomorrow is fruit and vegetables so i will be fine! meeting was fine today other than that, we just sit there and eat their food, get offered wine multiple times, listen to some people talk, then leave. after that i came home and made some more soup for the diet. i refused to eat any today, it's gross. so seriously that's about all for today, sad to say it! tomorrow i'm going to try and send a package and some cards to america. my mom sent me a box over 2 weeks ago and it hasn't arrived yet..its not normal! i think the post people lost it. oh well. thanks for reading, sorry i'm so boring today! no motivation i think..haha you should see me in language class..its like this: MUST. STAY. AWAKE. STOP. DAY DREAMING. AND. TALKING. !!!! feel free to leave a comment if you want! it should work for anyone to write, but if it doesn't then i don't know how to fix it. how about this, i'll make a question and you need to answer it with a comment if you're reading this and can figure it out.

QUESTION: what is your favorite blog post of mine so far? (favorite picture, story, funniest phrase, something like that.) comment if you can, just for fun.


  1. I liked August. Day 4 when you talked about what it looks like there, about the bricks and all.


  2. Love the posts with pics of the food and your impression of them, and of course, the peeing boy is great!

  3. Day 75 - the pumpkin fest. of course! And then the picture of the pumpkin races. It just made my day. It was a great day for Jamie goes to belgium. Love USA MOM