Wednesday, December 15, 2010


well, yesterdays "question" wasn't exactly successful, but if you really want to it to be kept secret that you read my blog then thats fine with me i suppose. i just need to know that there are people out there who want me to keep writing, enjoy reading about my new life, or something like that. seriously sometimes i feellike i'm writing one giant book for absolutely nobody. but i hope there are people that like to read this, even if they do want it to be a secret :) its okay if you're shy, i understand. but overall i really appreciate whoever actually takes the time to read this, it means a lot to me to have so much support and people caring about what i'm doing..i just want to hear some feedback sometimes! moving on to today now! today i officially QUIT the diet. i could not stand eating only fruit and vegetables any longer!! but if i've learned anything its that a)fruit is healthier and tastier than cereal in the mornings b)i should never start smoking because i don't think i'd ever quit and c)my willpower can be pretty pathetic. i was never hungry, but it was extremely sad to not be able to eat CHOCOLATE. seriously, it was so hard..only 2 and a half days and i couldn't do it. i blame belgium! whatever, the diet is for when i get home, right? not important. so language class was BORING (apparently thats a very dominant word in my vocabulary, boring) and after class i did a little christmas shopping on the shopping street. all i have left is my host dads present then i'm done! oh and i still have to send my box to america..i wasgoing to do that today but the chocolate store was closed. so tomorrow, for sure! speaking of boxes, my mom sent me a box at the end of november and guess what, it is stuck in customs in chicago!! how lame is that? maybe its because she sent me brown sugar so i could make (pardon me, but) "nipple cookies" for know, the chocolate kiss peanut butter cookies!! maybe they think it's drugs..oops!! so it could be stuck there anywhere from 30-45 days.. sad story right? i hope my box makes it to america, in other words! tonight i had a ski lesson. it was difficult! my legs hurt now! but i'm improving i guess. the teacher said.. "are you sure its only your third lesson"..yes i'm sure..ouch!! but i will leave you with a photo..time to shower and go to bed! i guess i got a little bored earlier..classy eh?


  1. Keep writing please. I read your blog every day, which can only mean it's good ^_^

    signed by a Belgian

  2. yeah hahaha that's true
    its funny to read your blog every day
    than we know what you think about all that weird belgian people :D


  3. I just started reading your blog a few days ago. I'm an exchange student who's going to Belgium (but the Walloon region) in less than two months, and your blog has been very educational for me and I have enjoyed reading it so far!
    I'm glad you stuck to posting every day! I don't think I'll be able to be that faithful to my blog!
    and I enjoy reading about the little mundane things, because it's all those little things that make the biggest difference, I think.