Wednesday, December 29, 2010


hello everyone! thanks for tuning in to tonights episode of..whoops, i mean thanks for reading today's blog post! typical wednesday of christmas vacation here..nothing special i'd say. woke up too late for breakfast so we had leftovers for lunch. ended up making almost the same thing for supper, due to all the (still) leftover vegetables from christmas and the fact that my host brother and i were home alone. after lunch i tried out my new waffle maker that i got for christmas! it smoked a lot and smelled like plastic, but i think thats normal for the first time with a new machine of any kind. it was a little stressful because today i had two options. i could try out my new waffle maker, or i could make peanut butter blossom cookies..because we only had enough flour, butter, and sugar for one or the other. so waffles it was. i might have to wait on the cookies till after christmas break, considering we still have a lot of sugar cookies..that i didn't even find time to frost. after my attempt at waffle making i played a little bit of farmville on my computer. for those of you that don't know this, farmville is an incredibly-stupid-waste-of-time game on facebook. after that, i downloaded yet another movie only this one was 4 dollars (thanks mom for sending itunes cards!). it was titled "Easy A" and was a semi-typical high school drama movie. it made me miss and not miss american high school at the same time. i missed the familiarity of the school format but not the drama that comes from knowing everything about everybody. in that sense, school here is a lot different for me. at home i would wander the halls and know almost everyone who passed was never really a new face. well, until senior year when you stop noticing all the little freshman. in school here i don't know anybody or anything about the people that pass me. so i guess my point is that its just different living a life with no pre-concieved notions, and i wonder if that what going to college will be like too? which brings me to college. i've been here 4 and a half months and honestly i thought by this point i would have made my mind up about what i wanted to do with my life. absolutely not the case! part of me feels like staying in brookings wouldn't be so bad after being gone almost a year, but the other part of me wants to keep on finding new adventures. decisions are always so tough for me..or maybe i make them tough on myself. life is such a paradox! after the movie i took a shower then made dinner. as previously mentioned, dinner was somewhere between fried rice and wok. but it was good so thats all that counts. after that we left to bike to my ski lesson! turns out there was a big house fire right in the street we needed to go through, so thus we had to detour to get there. i didn't think the fire was that bad, but when we biked back on the way home i saw that it really was. i didn't notice because the house was brick, so it kept standing with smoke coming out..whereas at home, if its a serious fire the whole house caves in because its made of wood! my ski lesson was alright, im happy the lessons are finally over though. i can officially say that i didn't fall at all during my seven lessons! hooray! so i guess thats all for tonight. i think i want to drink hot chocolate then go to bed. goodnight!

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