Thursday, December 2, 2010


day 107, hello bloggers! today is thursday and it started out a little weird! first of all, i fell asleep around 9 last night with a headache and woke up a little disoriented around 4:30 am, so that was interesting. it happens sometimes, a few seconds of "where am i" sort of things, usually all starting with me going to sleep with a headache. heck, that happens at home too though sometimes. then i fell back asleep and woke up to, NOT my alarm, but...a text message sometime after 8. yep, thats right..i forgot to set my alarm! what was wrong with me last night? that has not happened since i've been here!! but it wasn't a problem since i've been skipping my 10 minutes on facebook in the morning (blame thetime change, everyone is just going to bed when i am waking up)..and i've also pretty much stopped wearing anything but mascara and eyeshadow, for this week anyways. saves so much time! so here are a couple pictures from my walk to the bus stop.

i find it extremely difficult to walk in the slush..its like a slip and slide out there! i don't even want to imagine what its like to bike on..scary. but as i was sitting waiting for my really late bus i started literally laughing out loud at how slow the cars were going..its like it was the first time they'd seen snow or something. there is MAYBE three inches at the most out here..and apparently its really rare for this time of the year. they said theres not this much snow until christmas usually? and yesterday it was record breaking cold! it hadn't been that cold (umm..25 Fahrenheit?) since sometime in the 1800s i guess. all seems pretty normal to me! anyways. i saw my 2nd host mom on the way to language school after i got off the bus..she is so nice!! although i admit i was a little scared speaking dutch to her, but it will get easier i'm sure. anyways..language class was extremely boring. but not half as boring as school. jazz teacher was gone, so that meant i should have spent two hours in the another hour in the library..yeah, i went home. i watched a lot of was WAY better than being stuck in the boring library. especially considering i have about 3 more hours there tomorrow. you would laugh at what i did on the way home..turns out rice for lunch is actually really gross. so when in a baguette from the baker down the street...and then proceed to eat it on your walk home. viva la belgium. goodnight!

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