Monday, December 20, 2010


day 125..not-so-mundane monday! wow, over 8 thousand page views!! as i'm typing this i have 8, we shall see how many i have tomorrow and then thats how many views i will have in one day..hmm! well this morning i went with my host mom to a couple hobby lobby-ish stores. then i went to the grocery store to buy things to make cookies. when we came home from the store, i watched a little survivor (i have two episodes left, don't you dare spoil it for me!!) then we went to the post office to get MY CHRISTMAS BOX and also mail a box to my host sister who is in taiwan. my box from my mom is so amazing! a new pair of uggs (those are shoes, warm boots..for those of you not hip enough to know that), cookie sprinkles, make up, and things like that. what a nice mom i have! sadly the first box that she sent at the end of november is still M.I.A...stuck somewhere in customs in belgium. tonight i was in the kitchen for a long time making lots of cookies. i forgot how much work baking is! at home i would bake almost three times a its a couple times a month. its like the hobby that i always forget about or something. so i made some cookies for my class and for a friend! but right now i am really really tired and still have to take a shower. so here's a crappy webcam picture of the cookies..and also a funny picture my friend katie made today. merry almost christmas!