Friday, December 17, 2010

122-4 months!

wow four months already! or also..four months done! this morning i went to real school and took my first exam! it was..ENGLISH! so it was pretty easy. i always find it funny that belgium's version of a "test" in say, math for example is only one page of questions...and an exam is like five pages, it's so much different than home. sometimes we would have a 15 page math test at brookings high school, thanks mr. keppen! but that really doesn't make one system stronger than the other, it's simply an observation. after lazily taking the bus to out-turnhout i stopped by a hair salon and made an appointment for tomorrow!i haven't put any color in my hair for over 4 months now and honestly it doesn't look that bad, but i'm feeling like some blonde highlights to make myself feel better about it being christmas or something. normally i get my hair done every other month or so, but my natural colored roots really weren't that big of an issue these days. without the sun it was a little darker of course but i'm still happy to say that my hair is naturally pretty light, and my eyes are definitely blue..hooray for that i guess. today ispent more time watching survivor on my computer again. its getting so good! my host brother was very nice and went to the post office with me to mail my box..but bad news! the USA has some major security nonsense going on, so my box might not make it back till FEBRUARY! but i hope it goes sooner because there are some tasty chocolates in there that need to be eaten!! it was expensive to mail but aslong as it eventually gets there i guess i'm okay. then i went to the grocery store and bought things to make a red velvet cake. i'm practicing my dessert making skills for christmas, because apparently i get tomake dessert for christmas. first try with the cake wasn't bad, but i'm going to try another time with adifferent frosting and more red color. tonights was honestly red velvet cake is so good!! amen to my father for being southern otherwise i'd be red-velvet-cake-clueless. speaking of which, dad if you're reading this i will call you sometime soon when i think you're not busy..i really like talking to my dad! after the cake i made snowball cookies/mexican wedding cakes/russian tea cakes and they are SO GOOD! they are the first thing that actually tastes just like home..i love it!
well on the topic of food, tonight i had my first "bicky burger" from the frituur and honestly it was ridiculous! it was pretty good actually but its just a weird hamburger with a mustardy-ketchupy-"bicky burger sauce" on it along with some french fried's almost impossible to describe!
while the burgers and fries were frying away at the frituur, i payed a visit to the nativity scene in oud-turnhout..complete with a REAL DONKEY AND LAMB! i asked them if they were cold but they didn't answer me. so i just took a picture then other than the hamburger and some more survivor watching that was the highlight of my night.
now i'm going to finish episode 10 of survivor season 21 and go to sleep..thanks for reading, and HAPPY 4 MONTHS IN BELGIUM TO ME :)

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  1. i actually loled at your asking the nativity set if they were cold..