Tuesday, November 30, 2010


day 105 and the internet is working so far! hope i didn't frighten anyone with no blog post yesterday, but i made it this afternoon in school so it's all good! so today i took the bus to school and i think it was a lot easier than biking. at first when i woke up i thought, oh no i am just lazy by wanting to take the bus but then i opened the curtains and this is what i saw..
no, i am not lazy by taking the bus! i think it would have been too complicated to bike, considering the seat is all the way lowered and my feet still don't touch the ground! my host family says it is not normal for there to be this much snow so early in belgium..lucky me eh? but a noteably funny part was when i asked if it was difficult to shovel the snow on the cobblestone..because sometimes in brookings i can barely shovel into a crack of the driveway, you know? then laughed then replied "we dont even have a shovel" because they just brush the snow away with a broom! how funny is that? i guess we won't be having a snow day any time soon! language class keeps getting more and more boring. lately i switched positions in the class, went from the girl in the front who took too many notes to now the girl in the back that doesnt bring her notebook and just talks to the british guy. but don't worry i'm still learning, especially since my real school is always in dutch. i think i just need to cruise through level two and pass the tests and hope that the next teacher is better! so i went to school and spent about an hour in the library then decided i didn't want to spend two more hours in school doing nothing so i took the bus home. seriously i think i am going to talk to the school after christmas, tuesdays are the worst for me..they consist of absolutely nothing!! but when i came home there was a package, from america..yahoo! you must be thinking, wow she gets a lot of boxes but this one was socks, a scarf, a jacket, a hat, and a few other things. look how many socks i have now, warm eh?
oh and the hat and the scarf too..i'm ready for the winter! bring it on, belgium.
so then i took a nap for a couple hours, ate some more leftovers for dinner (they're actually almost better than the first time..or the second!), watched some ultimate survival on tv, and now i am going to bed. i will leave you with a pretty picture i stole from my host mom katrien's facebook page (hope you dont mind!)..this is the Kerkstraat today..winter wonderland! at this moment i think i actually love the snow...goodnight!

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