Tuesday, November 16, 2010


91 days in belgium and i've finally seen FOG! it was really crazy actually. i woke up this morning (reluctantly), opened the curtains and BAM! tons o foggy fog.
so i naturally just assumed it would go away by say...10:30 or so but no sir, it stayed allll day! who knew that fog only goes away when there is SUN which belgium apparently has NONE of these days!? so after a foggy, groggy, boring day at dutch class my classmates and i went to the frituur for lunch..sooo healthy, i know. then i spent two hours in the library and it was just about as boring as it sounds. did some dutch work, read a little bit, then sat there with my head down for a solid 30 minutes. during that time the english teacher walked by and said (with her lovely british accent) "are you bored?"..haha of course i am bored, i am sitting in the library for two hours and i don't even have a blackberry like i do at home..thus, no facebook creeping, no brick breaker, and definitely no twitter.i actually didn't say that, i politely responded "yes, extremely" and then we proceeded to discuss how the boy from argentina is struggling to find his place as an exchange student. at one point i think she asked "why does he walk around during the lessons alone"..seriously kid, even the teachers notice something is up! sorry sorry, that was a little harsh. but it all comes back to the simple fact that you have to embrace absolutely everything. thats why i've tried my hardest for two days now to speak only dutch at school. i know what i'm saying is not correct all the time, but if you try..people will try too. everyone wants to help you just as much as you want to learn. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE, WHO KNEW!?!? so anyways, after that i had an hour of math and i can honestly say i didn't"give" anything in that class, so thus, i got nothing..and i tried to read and ended up just daydreaming. after school i cycled really quickly so i could go pick up my birthday box from the post office! i probably looked like such an idiot walking with it on my bike on the way home, but it was only a couple blocks so it was no big deal.it was so exciting to open it, i will put some pictures on the blog tomorrow because i have enough already for today plus the uploader is not working so i will try to add pictures to this post tomorrow! i'm sorry!!! tonight i went to a rotary meeting. it was...nice..but always kind of boring. you have to sit and kiss everybody and pretend you know who they are, speak some broken english with them, and wait while everyone finishes their 5th round of drinks. food at the rotary meetings is either really good or really bad (such as the mini shrimps that i loathe) but tonight it was some random fish and i actually enjoyed it, goooo team jamie! but although it was boring, the pancakes with chocolate and ice cream definitely helped us get through! (yet again, really healthy, i know)! so after at least an hour of sitting there creating our own entertainment i finally got to go home. now here i am, its almost midnight, and i'm going to go to bed. who knew these rotarians could party so hard? just kidding. anyways, i hope you had a nice day along with a nice evening, and i also hope you are jealous of my pancakes and french fries. love you readers, thanks for keeping up with the blog.


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