Tuesday, November 30, 2010


hello! yesterday was day 104, but due to some technical difficulties with the wi-fi at the house i could not blog...sad right? so now i am at school in the library on the computer and i really hope the internet works when i am home or i will be really bored haha. yesterday was a pretty normal monday by my belgian standards. i had a test in dutch class and it is a lot different with the new teacher than the old one. our old teacher made us be quiet and clear our desks, while this teacher let us talk, keep our books open, and i even texted someone a question..hahah. i was confused with the test because in dutch a cousin is called the same thing as a nephew..its really confusing! after that i went to school where i had two hours of english and two hours in the library. during english the teacher was laughing at me and calling american english lazy english because of our tenses again. whatever lady, not my fault. i find it strange that at the beginning of the year the teacher insisted that this was ENGLISH class so everyone must only speak english all the time but for the past three weeks or so she has been speaking barely any english at all..i really dont understand her teaching. then she gave us a test which she explained in dutch and i was double checking that i undrestood the assignment with the person next to me and she yelled at me!! what the heck lady..first of all this is english class so shouldnt you be speaking english, secondly i have been here barely over three months and i think i have the right to double check the instructions that i had to reluctantly translate because your version of english class is not in english? i find it all extremely frustrating, shes really a nice lady but i guess i take things too personally haha. then i spent two hours in the library..it was supposed to be only one hour but i got a little carried away talking to other exchange students so i just stayed another hour. turns out nobody really cares when the exchange student is missing, these girls said they hang out in the library or leave school all the time..i find that cool but not really my style, although i completely understand not wanting to go to school haha. after school i went with manuella from brazil to buy myself a bus pass..thank goodness i did because on the way home it started snowing!! the snow here is actually quite beautiful..such an upgrade from the rain. the snow also makes it not such a wet cold feeling but more of a south dakota cold feeling which is good news for me. needless to say but i took the bus this morning and it was much nicer than trying to bike in a couple inches of snow..crazy!! other than that not much happend yesterday i dont think..we had some leftovers from thanksgiving and my host brother was still kind of sick..but so far i am still healthy, weird! well thanks for reading and hopefully the internet works tonight so i can write about today..although i dont think it will be that exciting. i have two more hours in the library at school right now and i think i might just take the bus home..can you blame me?

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