Monday, November 1, 2010


ahhh! bad news belgium..major headache coming on right now. will blog first thing in the morning!! I PROMISE! sorry friends :(

okay hello! back to normal now, i think. so yesterday was monday..the beginning of november..and the beginning of my fall break. no school for an entire week, much deserved in my opinion. two full months of dutch in the morning and "Heilig Graf" in the afternoon were getting on my nerves. for those of you that were wondering, YES, you're correct..heilig graf does in fact translate to "holy grave" in english. can you understand my slight frustration? anyways. yesterday i tried to sleep in, but with the daylight savings time it didn't seem that late. have i mentioned that daylight savings time happens a week earlier over here? it does not make sense..personally i'm stupid and just assumed the whole world did it at the same time..but turns out not even the whole world does it..ah! anyways. yesterday i just kind of hung out and read my book and played on my computer. november 1st is like belgium's version of memorial since it was like a holiday there wasn't much to do anyways. maybe today i'll do something more productive. but yesterday i was on my computer and my mom beeps me on skype and says I GOT YOUR PACKAGE..haha! so i got to skype with BOTH my parents ( the same time..i addressed the package to the two of them..muahaha) and it was really cool. i sent them belgian chocolates (pralines), speculoos cookies, and i sent my dad a swiss army knife (with a belgian flag on it..very contradicting kind of?) for his birthday. i think they liked it, or i hope they did! i wish i could mail them lots of other belgian things but it was a 2 pound box and originally just planned on sending the knife, but then i didn't want to just MAIL A KNIFE, haha, so i threw in some cookies and chocolates. maybe if you're lucky they will share..but i doubt it. luckily i mailed it before the box with the bomb in it was discovered, otherwise it might have taken longer to get there. and thank goodness for saturday mail in the US, consider it a luxury. i think the mail doesn't run like..3 days a week here or something. hmm. so after the skype session i got to make dinner! neato! i made chicken and broccoli alfredo..which i consider pretty typical american. what little kid hasn't had alfredo, i mean seriously..its more american than you think. although wikipedia says its italian, my host parents leave for rome tomorrow and they beg to differ. so who really knows. but it was edible, and maybe even kind of good. after that we continued our game of monopoly (world edition) and i almost went bankrupt! it was terrible..but luckily i held an auction and now am the proud owner of only 2 houses, no hotels, stupid! i blame my mothers poor parenting for letting me host multiple game nights with my friends in high school and only playing pizza party, bananagrams, and the occasional pin the tail on the donkey. only kidding of course!!! its just been a while since i've played monopoly. but thats all that happened yesterday, thanks for tuning in :)

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