Saturday, November 27, 2010


day 101 was yesterday, friday! i was still with my class at our three days thing for most of the morning and part of the afternoon. i think friday was my favorite day of my time with the class, because we all wrote notes to eachother withcompliments and advice. i got so many nice notes, it was really nice. the compliments were all about how i am nice, learning dutch quickly, and things like that..but would you believe it if i told you the advice i got was to be less shy and be more sure of myself!? my friends in america would never say that. but i'm so happy that everyone things of me as nice and a little shy, the shyness will rub off after my language skills improve i think. but nonetheless i really enjoyed writing and receiving cute little notes!
after lunch my host mom came and got three girls in my class and i and brought us home, it was very nice of her. after dropping the other girls off, we stopped by the butcher and got our TURKEY for me to make on sunday! it was so fresh that there are still some baby feathers in it, isn't that crazy!?
i told my host mom that it was very nice to have a such a fresh turkey, because ours at home come frozen like a giant ice cube of turkey. then i started talking about turkey bowling, and she could barely believe it! sometimes we just take stupid things for granted, don't we? turkey bowling..hmm. then we came home and i didn't do much because i was really tired! so that was my friday. nothing special, but it's good enough for me!!

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